Change Your Life In 30 Days

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Here is a list of big life changes you could make within 30 days.

These are things that you may not imagine could be done in such a short span of time, but that actually can. Apart from the caveat that you may need to work very hard to accomplish some of these, we have simple criteria:

• They need to change your life in some meaningful way.

• They need to be accessible (you don’t have to be some kind of superhero to do them).

Email us if you think there are any great ones you think we should add.

> Obtain residence in a new country, or at least make real progress

> Move to the tropical beach of your dreams with less than $1,500

> Start working a job in a completely different field than your current one

> Make ~5-20% more money (by asking for a raise, changing jobs, taking on freelance work, etc.)

> Open a local coffee shop (or at least get very close)

> Become _noticeably_ more fit by regularly lifting, running, and eating well

> You could also become _noticeably_ more skinny by eating less

> Learn any language to a conversational level

> Walk 1,000 miles, which is about 5x the length of Nicaragua from north to south

> Become licensed to fly a small plane (like a Cessna)

> Get pretty good at backgammon

> Learn how to do a backflip

> Write a 100k+ word book of your choice (novel, non-fiction, etc.)

> Take the vacation you’ve been dreaming about for years

> Build a functional webapp or other software product with no prior coding knowledge

> Completely change the aesthetic of the space you live in

> Learn your favorite song on your instrument of choice

> Learn how to cook better than ~95% of the population

> Email, have a conversation with, and get hired by your dream employer

> Go to a ~10-day silent meditation retreat/camp and learn how to meditate

> Start or join a band and successfully play at a local show/open mic/etc

> Learn to live happily without your phone or social media

> Become competent at freestyle rap

> Switch from buying your main produce from grocery stores to buying directly from local farmers

> Get a weird job — or volunteer — to work somewhere super remote (Alaska, Antarctica, etc.)

> Join the Peace Corps and move overseas

> Become way better at pushups (2x to 10x orders of magnitude better)

> Make at least one new friend and do something fun with them (a hike, a trip, night out, etc.)

> Fall in love

You can’t do all of these at once, but any of them alone can be accomplished in less than 30 days. That is a month from today. That is very soon. Most people set 1+ year timelines for many of the things on this list.

Authors’ note(s): It’s true that some of these would require reprioritizing other things in your life (e.g. quitting your job) because they would take a lot of time. Momentum is real, though—if you really want to do one of the things on this list, consider taking action on that reprioritization. We are also not saying that you definitely will succeed at any of these things, but that you could reasonably succeed at them.

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